Spring has sprung!

Blog post by Gert Corfield 

A glorious morning! Carrying out a  spring bird survey produced 39 species with up to 9 Chiffchaff calling their name – a good number and showing that these birds have well and truly arrived from their North African winter home. Also nice to see were a Treecreeper, a Red-Legged Partridge, 2 Coal Tit, 4 Yellowhammer (one briefly singing its summer song of ‘a little bread and no cheeeese‘ !), 3 Buzzards, a Female Kestrel  and a good number of Chaffinch, Linnet and Reed Bunting.

With the morning warming up, 7 Brimstone were on the wing coming out of hibernation and quartering the hedges finding nourishment on the Blackthorn blossom. 3 Comma and a Peacock Butterfly also showed well.

A cluster of 16 Spot Ladybird with a 7 Spot (and a Wolf Spider lurking) which have overwintered in leaf litter were warming up in the sun.

Lesser Celandines, Primroses and WhiteSweet Violets made up the botanical spring cast.