Autumn into Winter

Blog post by Jan  
The corn has been harvested and left the farm.  The new crops are planted, a wheat, bean and fallow rotation.  The flower margins have made hay and are looking smart!  Wild bird seed mix is standing well and will feed flocks of up to a hundred goldfinches and the other hungry birds overwinter.  Hedge berries and fallows will carry lifesaving food.  Small mammals will shelter in the wide hedge bottoms and brown hairstreak eggs mature on the blackthorn.  
Butterfly Conservation  will help us to work out a hedge cutting plan to protect our hairstreak colony.  
We will clear the footpaths and work in the fields, finding the balance between management and preservation.  The cows will winter in the barn, the sheep will graze safely and I will take a moment to stand in the winter silence by the ice covered wetland.