Butterfly Conservation find over 400 Brown Hairstreak butterfly eggs on the farm!

Simon Primrose, Mike Williams and their team from the West Midlands branch of Butterfly Conservation have been recording Brown Hairstreak butterfly eggs on the farm. A huge amount of work was involved, studying vast lengths of hedges. Their final count came to a staggering 419 eggs for the East side of the site. They have mapped out their locations to guide our hedgerow management for this half of the farm. Their advice and guidance is invaluable.

Elsewhere they have been monitoring other local sites such as Grafton wood jointly owned by Butterfly Conservation and Worcestershire Wildlife Trust, the electricity sub-station near Feckenham and two of the other Wildlife Trust reserves. http://www.worcswildlifetrust.co.uk/news/2014/10/31/butterfly-home-secured

More information about West Midlands Butterfly Conservation and a more detailed account of the egg finds for this rare butterfly can be found in the latest edition of their magazine Comma:




Brown Hairstreak butterfly egg, magnified. Photo: Gert Corfield 2014


Brown Hairstreak butterfly. Photo: Gert Corfield