Butterfly Walk

Blog post by Gert Corfield

On Saturday the 15th August the farm hosted a Butterfly walk to look for the many species of Butterflies on the farm. The intrepid explorers set off in the afternoon to see what was on the wing. The previous day saw heavy rain all day and Saturday was a bit cooler than was hoped for but temperatures rose slightly and the wind dropped which made for good conditions. Before the arrival of guests a quick tour of the best areas were explored and despite not finding them the previous two weekends a freshly emerged female Brown Hairstreak was located along the lane feeding sedately on a thistle! We hoped it would hang around for the afternoon and as it turned out she stayed on the same thistle for over two hours giving close views to all. A truly magical (and unusual for the elusive Brown Hairstreak) experience!









We then proceeded to walk the wide field margins sown with wildflower seed mixes to look for other species. The swathes of Knapweed, Bird’s-foot-trefoil, Horseshoe Vetch, Linseed, and other late summer flowers produced 14 other species of Butterfly! The final list was comprised of; Comma Green Veined White Small White Large White Meadow Brown Gatekeeper Speckled Wood Common Blue Brown Argus Small Skipper Essex Skipper Ringlet Small Tortoiseshell Small Copper The Butterflies posed well for the cameras, particularly the many Brown Argus and Common Blue. A few Silver Y Moths were also found and a couple of Roesel’s Bush Crickets – not a common sight! The afternoon was rounded off with several rounds of cake and refreshments. A successful event and testament to the success of the wildlife friendly features on the farm.

essex skipper IMG_0303

Photos: copyright Gert Corfield