Dawn Chorus Event

Blog post by Gert Corfield

On Sunday morning we held a Dawn Chorus walk on the farm to celebrate International Dawn Chorus day which had been rained off the previous week.
Conditions were perfect at 4.30am! The hardy participants set off stopping off at various points on the farm to enjoy the building chorus of song birds.
The first to sing was the Robin by the farmhouse, closely followed by a Skylark in the distance. In the old Orchard we enjoyed the different calls of a Song Thrush which helpfully repeated every call two or three times.
Blackbirds, Dunnocks and Wren sang in profusion with a couple of Tawny Owl calling.
In the hay meadow a Whitethroat sang its bursts of scratchy song from the mature hedges and then a Lesser Whitethroat further along. Time was spent differentiating the two songs with the obvious rattle of the Lesser Whitethroat making it easy. A couple of laughing Green Woodpeckers were preceded by ever growing numbers of Chiffchaff singing their name!We could make out the Blackcaps fruity warble and as the sun rose a brief burst of Willow Warbler song.
Bird song was complemented by good views of Roe Deer and 6 Brown Hare stretching and getting ready for the day. The pair of Raven called a deep croak and Chaffinch & Linnet song were differentiated. A Skylark was closely observed singing high over a field and when it dropped like a stone to the ground we all gave it a round of applause so marvellous was the display.
After a couple of hours we returned to the farmhouse for a welcome hot drink and pastries past a splendid male Yellowhammer who was more interested in a ‘little bit of bread and no cheeeeese’ ! A wonderful morning experiencing one of natures great spectacle.